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Expertenbefragung 2008

In 2008, PROGEO interviewed over 2000 architects and building managers on how they view the risk of waterproofing damages

Waterproofing systems must be capable of withstanding the environmental impact of the elements

Waterproofing systems have to be tight and remain tight for the entire lifecycle of the structure. Eventually, every waterproofing system will leak. Unfortunately, most of the time, the leaks go unnoticed. Water slowly accumulates causing huge financial losses and significant physical damages to the structures. When environmental sealed systems have been compromised, it results in servere soil- and groundwater contaminations.

PROGEO´s monitoring systems can update the status and physical integrity of waterproofing systems in real time 24 hours a day. The location of ruptures in the sealing systems are immediately detected and reported. Additionally,  intelligent monitoring systems provide maximum protection from groundwater contamination caused by ruptures in lined sealed systems.

Eventually, every waterproofing system will leak

  • most of the damages to a building are caused by ruptures in its waterproofng systems
  • moisture damages in buildings result in significant financial losses
  • most contaminations of soil and groundwater are caused by unnoticed liner leaks
  • inadequate information about the status of waterproofing systems increases long term maintenance by 70%

Safety and Security

  • permanent integrity control in real time
  • automated leak detection and location
  • automated alerting in case of leak or fault
  • optional parameters such as temperature, humidity in the roof package, backwater or snow load available
  • now with even more power and WEB2.0 connection
  • optional full-service monitoring with alert and process management

PROGEO – intelligent monitoring systems

  • better risk management and planful maintenance of flat roofs and waterproofing systems
  • avoid unnesscessary repairs
  • efficient use of natural ressources
  • increase property values and expands lifespan of the struture
  • smart management of buildings and infrastructure as well as increased environmental protection

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