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The new restoration center of the world-famous Louvre is currently being built in Lievin near Lille, France, according to plans by the internationally renowned architects Rogers, Stirk, Harbour. As a special architectural feature, the building will be equipped with a green roof of approximately 15,000 m² that will be fluidly embedded in the landscape. In order to protect the art treasures that will be stored in the restoration center in the future from water from possible leaks and to be able to quickly localize any damage as needed without much effort despite the greenery, the flat roof was equipped with a smartex mx monitoring system over the entire area. After the rough installation of the system in the flat roof during construction, the final installation of the measuring technology was successfully completed in June of this year, so that monitoring of the flat roof sealing was already possible during the application of the greenery.

smartex mx is already used for the monitoring of flat roofs at various important museums and libraries, e.g. the Diözesanmuseum Kolumba of the architect Peter Zumthor in Cologne, the Wiseman Art Museum of the architect Frank Gehry in Minneapolis, the Berlin State Library.