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As part of the cooperation with Deutsche Fertighaus Holding AG, DFH, in Simmern, which has been in place since the end of 2015, ProGeo recently delivered the 1,000th smartex is monitoring system for area leakage monitoring to DFH. The systems are used as standard in the DFH sales lines OKAL, Massa, Allkauf and Einsteinhaus to permanently monitor waterproofing surfaces on flat roofs, balconies and bay windows for leaks. For this purpose, the components are integrated into the waterproofing surfaces by DFH’s partner roofers as a project-specific, ready-to-install set. Subsequently, the electricians responsible for the respective object carry out the final installation and commissioning. As soon as the builder has Internet access in his new house, the system can be connected to the ProGeo mounting portal via WLAN. There, real-time monitoring of the waterproofing and a regular delivery check of the monitoring system takes place even when the builder is not at home.

smartex is is the smallest monitoring system in ProGeo’s smartex product family. It enables the immediate leakage monitoring of freely weathered, greened and also overbuilt waterproofing in real time, where an automatic localization of the leakage position in case of damage is not absolutely necessary due to the comparatively small size of the waterproofing areas. With smartex is, flat roofs typical of single-family homes can already be equipped with a monitoring system at the cost of a premium cell phone.