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The Nauerna landfill site near Amsterdam is being equipped with a controllable surface sealing system as part of the recultivation process. Over an area of approx. 70,000 m², the landfill will be sealed with a plastic liner to prevent precipitation water from entering the landfill body and to be able to capture the climate-damaging methane produced in the landfill body and feed it into an energetic recovery process. The sealing is fully monitored in real time with a geologger® sealing control system from ProGeo, so that any leaks that occur can be detected and located at an early stage and thus repaired at an early stage with little effort.The contract includes the delivery of the system as well as long-term system operation via ProGeo’s monitoring portal.

geologger® is currently the only system that meets the requirements applicable in the Netherlands for long-term monitoring of landfill seals with a functional horizon of 75 years. With this project, ProGeo continues a series of successfully executed large-scale landfill monitoring projects in the Netherlands since 2004, including the monitoring of the 250,000 m² surface sealing Schoteroog, the monitoring of the Hollands Brug landfill and the C2 hazardous waste landfill in the port of Rotterdam.