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Monitoring - effektives Risikomanagement und kostengünstige Instandhaltung durch Information


As early as 1999, TÜV certified smartex’s high usefulness as well as good practical suitability and suitability for monitoring seals

Sealants must be tight so that our buildings and the environment are safe and permanently protected.

Unfortunately, no one can predict what will cause leaks, when and for what reason, but sooner or later every seal will leak. This is usually only noticed when the consequential damage becomes visible.

PROGEO monitoring systems provide you with reliable information about your seals and structural moisture protection at all times. This means you always have a reliable overview of your risks and can react quickly and effectively if something leaks.


Structural damage

Every seal will leak

  • Damage to structural moisture protection is the number one killer of building structures and the cause of much environmental damage

  • unnoticed moisture damage costs a lot of money and destroys valuable resources
  • Hope no damage is not an effective instrument to avoid damage

  • reactive, damage-driven maintenance is expensive and no longer up-to-date

  • insufficient information prevents needs-based maintenance and leads to an unfinanceable renovation backlog in the long term[ /list_item]

  • Security against unnoticed damage

  • automatic, full-surface tightness monitoring of the sealing in real time
  • [

    list_item]optional location-based recording of building physics conditions in the building construction[/list_item]
  • immediate detection and reporting of leaks and other faulty conditions , e.g. disturbed drainage

  • precise location of leaks and moisture anomalies in the building
  • [

    list_item]all information can be conveniently accessed on the Internet[/list_item]
  • optionally as a full service with alarm management and process control[/ list_item]

  • PROGEO – contemporary solutions for

  • better risk management and planned maintenance of the structural moisture protection

  • an effective avoidance of unnecessary renovation costs and premature major repairs

  • a planned and ecologically responsible use of the possible component service life

  • long-term value retention and increased investment security

  • sustainable management of civil engineering and environmental protection structures

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