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Secure and reliable information about the integrity of waterproofing systems

PROGEO provides intelligent solutions for the automatic monitoring of the waterproofing integrity of buildings. PROGEO has developed technology capable of transmitting accurate information about the condition of your waterproofing systems in real time.

Access to all information needed for risk management and repairs

The web-based smartex monitoring system can update the status and physical integrity of roofs in real time 24 hours a day. The location of ruptures in sealing systems are immediately detected and reported.


PROGEO-Technology: innovative, reliable, used worldwide more than 20 years

For more than 20 years, PROGEO´s  leak monitoring technology has been successfully used for the monitoring of waterproofing systems in buildings, infrastructure and environmentally hazardous applications.

  • "The long lasting experience of PROGEO in the field of moisture monitoring and the competence of the Center of Timber Research Austria in the field of timber constructions gave us the best base for a common research project."
    Dr. Bernd Nusser, Center of Wood Research, Austria
  • "Monitoring Systems from PROGEO enabled us to choose a free-shaped area as roof of the building which is monitored to avoid structural damages and carry out a sustainable maintenance on demand."
    Gernot Vallentin, Architect, ArchitecturWerkstatt Valentin
  • "Our new building is built as energy plus building. To produce more energy than needed, it must be protected against moisture the best way. A monitoring system from PROGEO ensures this."
    Martin Opitz, CEO and Owner Opitz Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG