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Monitoring of waterproofing systems and building physics in real time

A smartex monitoring system can be used for a lot of applications.


There are a lot of waterproofing systems inside a building. Their only purpose is to tight

Waterproofing systems are the major component to protect a building and the people inside against water and moisture. To be able to protect, they have to tight for the whole lifespan of the building. Unfortuneately there are a lot of reasons, why waterproofing systems can fail. Eventually, every waterproofing system starts leaking.

effective maintenance needs reliable information

To do maintenance on waterproofing systems, you have to know, whether they are leaking or not. And if they are leaking, where the leak are. The earlier you have this information and the more precise the information is, the better you can do repairs and maintenance.

smartex® monitoring systems provide precise and reliable information about the integrity state of waterproofing systems and asure best preconditions for a planful and costsaving maintenance.

Beware yourself from financial losses:


smartex® monitoring is the right solution for

  • flat roofs, uncovered or as ballasted or green roofs

  • parking decks

  • underground garages

  • sprinkler tanks

  • swimming pools

  • bathroom- and kitchen floors

  • wooden constructions

  • waterproofing systems against ground water

  • special constructions