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PROGEO Monitoring - innovative, intelligent, international

PROGEO Monitoring looks back on almost 30 years of experience in the field of building- and geotechnical  monitoring. Since 1992, the Brandenburg company develops, produces and installs successfully fully automated monitoring systems. Permanent and total area monitoring with the abiltiy to detect and locate leaks and structural damages in building structures is centre of all PROGEO technologies.

  Vor den Toren Berlins entwickeln die Experten von PROGEO innovative Systeme zur Dichtigkeitsprüfung von Bauwerken.  


PROGEO Monitoring, founded in 1992 in Berlin is located in Großbeeren near Berlin since 1999, residing in its own technology center. PROGEO develops, produces and installs monitoring systems for the monitoring of waterproofing systems used in waste deposals, mines, tanks, ponds, tunnels, flat roofs and infrastructure.


PROGEO is a highly innovative technology driven company with high developement output. Based on continous R&D activities PROGEO extends its portfolio of systems and services permanently, making PROGEO to a well accepted partner of national and internationals players in the buildung industries.

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PROGEO is engaged in projects in an increasing number of countries in Europe, North- and South-America, Russia, Australasia and Africa.


PROGEO works under an iso-certified quality management system due to the requirements of EN-ISO 9001:2015.