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PROGEO secures the bridge in Overath from humidity

Baustelle Brücke

In September 2015, the over 60m long pedestrian bridge “Lölsberger Steg” in Overath will be provided with the smartex® system of PROGEO. The Heimat and Bürgerverein Overath (HBVO) e.V., the building owner, has decided for the Online Monitoring System upon the recommendation of the engineering office Miebach from Lohmar. With the system of PROGEO, the waterproofing condition of the girder made of zinc sheet can be monitored online in realtime. The building owner and additional people in authority will be informed immediately in case of a water inlet, e.g. if water is collected between the girders.

For the construction of timber bridges, the extensive system of PROGEO constitutes something completely new in the market. Leakages can be detected very early. Thus it can be prevented that timber building components will be moist and attacked by vermins. A high durability of timber bridges can be guaranteed with the monitoring system.


The measuring components (fleece and cable) will be installed by the company Holzbau Busmann from Schüttorf under the direction of PROGEO. The assembly of electronics for measurement, together with the solar panel and GSM-sender, will be taken by PROGEO and the engineering office Miebach.

Upon completion in October 2015, the bridge will be delivered to the city Overath.