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smartex® launch in North America


Since October 2015, the International Leak Detection (ILD) and PROGEO strategically collaborate to introduce the system smartex® in the North American flat roof and waterproofing market. Especially for the installation of the smartex® systems, ILD has created a technical service area where professional engineers trained by PROGEO are employed.

“With the demand for smart buildings, the roofing and waterproofing market has been searching for a system that can truly provide 24-hour, on-demand access to their roofing and waterproofing assets,” says Chris Eichhorn, President and CEO of ILD. “Smartex® is the system we’ve been waiting for.”

Smartex® is the only products of its kind on the market. Robust and durable sensors, designed to meet the demands of the construction environment, are combined with high-performance cloud solutions to produce secure and reliable information. Clients can easily access this information using a PC, tablet or smart phone.

The first smartex® system in North America will be installed in the roof of the Oak Grove Library in Waukegan.